Maintenance Tips

Maintenance tips

The motorcycle barn top tips for maintaining your bike

When you purchase your new motorcycle from The Motorcycle Barn our goal is for you to ride away happy, but our commitment to you and your new ride goes beyond the moment you leave us.
On this page we have documented our top tips to maintain your pride and joy and ensure your bike stays in the best condition all year round. 


  1. Keep your regular servicing schedule up to date. Especially as your machine is asked to work in difficult conditions it’s vitally important to keep on top of servicing.
  2. Wash the bike down with water on a regular basis to remove road salt and other grime. Only do this when the bike is cold. The Motorcycle Barn stock a range of cleaning products in our shop.
  3. Keep on top of chain lubrication. The chain is exposed to all the winter elements. Check tension more regularly and use a good quality chain lube.
  4. Use a good polish on all paint work with a proper clean/valet at least once a month. Polish helps to reject moisture and helps against abrasion.
  5. Cover as much of the bike as you can in a good preservative/anti corrosion product such as ACF50/GT85 . This will stem the tide of rust and corrosion helping the bike look better in the spring.
  6. Remember the more effort you apply to looking after your bike the better condition come spring. The nicer the bike, the better the resale!

If you require assistance with maintaining your bike, call into The Motorcycle Barn for a service, or the best maintenance products to keep your bike in tip top conditions!